Overview - Simple Fund 360 Data Feeds and Integration

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Data Feeds and Integrations

Feed/Integration Type Number of Feeds Help Link
Direct Bank Feeds 17 Supported Banks - BGL Bank Data Service
Brokers Supported 144 Supported Brokers
Direct Wraps and Platforms 75 Summary of Supported Wraps & Investment Platforms
Share Registries 3 Registry Data Service
Other Data Feeds 8 See below
SuperStream 1 Australian Post
Australian Market Data 3 See below
Foreign Market Data 5 See below
Foreign Currencies 19 Daily exchange rates from the RBA
Total 275  
Other Data Feeds
  1. BankStatements - No more waiting for customers to find their bank statements and scan or fax them to you. Enable your SMSF to send bank data overnight to Simple Fund 360.
  2. Xero Ledger - Import Bank Transactions from the Xero ledger vis Xero's API
  3. JetConvert - scan PDFs of Bank Statements and convert them into CSV files ready to import into Simple Fund 360.
  4. AutoEntry - scan PDFs of Bank Statements and convert them into CSV files ready to import into Simple Fund 360.
  5. MYOB BankLink XML
  6. MYOB BankLink CSV
  7. Generic Bank CSV Importer
  8. Generic Broker CSV Import
Australian Market Data
  1. ASX - List of securities, daily prices, dividend data , distribution data and corporate actions
  2. IRESS FundData - List of Managed funds, Daily, weekly or monthly prices (depending on fund manager), distribution data and asset allocations
  3. APCA - BSB and Institution Details 

Foreign Market Data

Daily prices from the following Foreign Stock exchanges are supported

  2. New York Stock Exchange
  3. London Stock Exchange
  4. Hong Kong Exchange
  5. Singapore Exchange



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