Rabobank Bank Feed

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This feed currently supports RaboDirect Accounts with BSB 142-201. 

Step 1: Add the Fund's Bank Account to Simple Fund 360

To add a bank account to the fund's chart of accounts, refer to the Bank Accounts page for help. 


From the Main Toolbar, navigate to Connect. Connect1.png
Select Feed Management.


Locate the Rabo Bank Account listed under Bank Feeds. From the Actions column Select Setup.



Update Bank Account Details:



Under the Automated Data Feed section, select BGL Bank Data Service as the Feed Provider

To Create the Bank Authority Form select Print Form

Simple Fund 360 will now populate the Authority Form which you are required to send to the fund's trustee(s) for signing. Once you receive the signed Authority Form, send the completed form to: 


  1. Select Save.

Step 2: Await Confirmation

BGL will keep you updated in regards to the status of the Bank Feed via the Feed Status column.  


After Setup of the BGL Bank Data Service - what's next?

It will take up to 10-15 business days for the setup process to be completed. When activated, from Feed Management, the status column will display as Feed Operating. Automated bank data is only available from the time the authority form is approved by the financial institution.

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