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The BGL Contract Note Service will automatically upload buy and sell transactions (including PDFs of contract/confirmation notes) to SF360 from all major Australian Brokers.

BGL has introduced these services to improve SMSF administration in the following ways:

  • Automatically add investment accounts to SF360 from a BUY transaction
  • Automatically process disposals and calculate CGT from any SELL transactions
  • Attach source document PDF transactions and upload them into Simple Fund 360

If you have not already subscribed to this service, please contact BGL Sales on 1300 654 401 for more information.

If you purchased and set up the Contract Notes Services in Simple Fund, your set up and subscription will be migrated across to SF360 along with your funds.

You can familiarise yourself with the new look Broker and Registry dashboard in SF360 by referring to the Broker and Registry Dashboard page. 

Set up Funds for the Contract Notes Service

To subscribe to and set up the Contract Note Service, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Set up the Contract Notes Service for selected funds. See SF360 Professional Training Manual for instructions.

2. Add and notify supported brokers of the unique email address (see Supported Brokers for forms)

3. Set up a forward email address and enter any required passwords

4. Begin automating your buys and sells. The Contract Note Service will automatically process the transactions overnight.

For detailed steps to complete the setup process please refer to the SF360 Professional Training Manual Task 3.2.

If you have not yet subscribed to the Contract Notes Service, contact the BGL Sales Team on 1300 654 401.

If you cannot see or select any brokers under step 2, you may have reached your subscription limit or have not yet purchased the service. An upgrade is required. See Upgrade Firm Subscription - Add funds, bank data and share data to your firm subscription.



  1. Does each contract note need to be a separate PDF?

    Each note will need to be contained within a separate PDF.
  2. When adding a new broker for a fund, a drop down menu does not appear/is blank?

    You may have reached your subscription level for this service. Refer to Upgrade Firm Subscription - Add funds, bank data and share data to your firm subscription.
  3. Can I send historical contract notes? Do they need to be sent in separate emails?

    Historical contract notes can be sent. Refer to Historical Contract Notes for instructions. Multiple contract notes can be sent in the one email, as long as they are the original PDF and each contract note is added in a separate PDF (no combined or zipped files will upload).
  4. Do any brokers require a password?

    ANZ Share Investing (E*Trade) requires a password. You can find this password on the contract note in the "Trade Placed By" field. Refer to Advanced Options for more.
  5. Can the disposal method be edited?

    By default, the service will use the Most Tax Effective disposal method. This cannot be changed. Individual transaction disposal methods can be edited for each transaction loaded in the Transaction List. Refer to Transaction Filter for steps on viewing contract note transactions.
  6. Is GST calculated automatically?

    GST is calculated on brokerage automatically for GST registered funds. Refer to GST for more.
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