Contribution Dashboard

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The Contribution Dashboard displays all contribution amounts of all active members for a particular financial year. 




From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.

Select Contribution Dashboard from the list.


Viewing the Dashboard

  1. Select the Financial Year from the Financial Year drop down list. 

  2. All active members (received contributions in that year) for the selected financial year will appear. For concessional and non-concessional amounts, each member will be given a green light if they are under the caps for the year; or a red light if they have exceeded the cap for the year.

  3. A further summary of contribution data for each member will appear below for you to review. In this section you can view the amount of contributions recorded for each member, categorised by the Contribution Type.

    In the remaining columns, the contribution caps for the financial year will display allowing you to compare the current contribution position of each member.


    Where members have triggered the three year non-concessional bring forward contribution cap the dashboard will display this in the summary above.

  4. For a report displaying the contribution amounts and caps, see the Contribution Breakdown Report. For more information on recording contributions, see How to Enter Contributions.


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