How do I register a Fund for SuperStream/Electronic Service Address (ESA)?

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You must register your funds through Simple Fund 360 before contribution data can be received. Contribution data has already been received through the SuperStream BGL/Australia Post Gateway for funds that are registered. If the fund is not registered with the BGL/Australia Post Gateway you will not benefit from the contribution data flowing directly into Simple Fund 360 and you risk contribution data being rejected and returned to the clearinghouse or payroll provider. 

What is SuperStream?

SuperStream is a government reform designed to enhance the efficiency of the super system. Under SuperStream, employers are required to make super contributions, both data and payment, on behalf of their employees electronically. All super funds, including SMSFs, must receive contribution data and payments electronically in accordance with the SuperStream standard.

SuperStream Gateways will collect your contribution data from employers and distribute this data to your SMSF. 

This means that employers will be able to send superannuation contributions and data to multiple funds in one standard electronic format, instead of sending information to separate funds in multiple formats. 

Australia Post will provide Simple Fund 360's SuperStream Gateway

BGL has partnered with Australia Post to provide SuperStream services. Registration can be done directly through Simple Fund 360 free of charge. Do not register directly through Australia Post as a cost will be incurred.

All BGL clients must use Australia Post as their default gateway as Simple Fund 360 will not integrate with any other gateway provider. If you register with another gateway, you will not be able to use the SuperStream data in Simple Fund 360.

What happens if I migrate my funds from Simple Fund to Simple Fund 360? 

If you have already registered and paid for SuperStream in Simple Fund, no refund will be provided for a fund upon migration to Simple Fund 360. No further renewal will be required as the service forms part of your subscription in Simple Fund 360. Once migrated any correspondence from Australia Post in regards to renewals for a fund now on Simple Fund 360 can be disregarded.

Any prior contribution data obtained via SuperStream prior to migration for the fund will still be accessible from Simple Fund 360 post-migration.

Where can I find the Electronic Service Address (ESA)?

The Electronic Service Address (ESA) is required by employers so that they can send contribution data to that address. Each SuperStream Gateway has a unique ESA.

The ESA is available in the Trustee/Employer Notification Letters which can be prepared after you have registered the fund for SuperStream. 

The ESA will also be saved under Fund | Fund Details.

Your Clients/SMSF Trustees Registration Status Accountant/Administrator Record a contribution FAQs

Once registered, SMSF Trustees will need to provide the following information to their employer:

Self Managed Super Fund name, ABN, The Electronic Service Address (ESA), BSB and Account Number. An Employer Notification Letter can also be generated in Simple Fund 360.


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  • it does not tell me how to register????

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  • Hey Philip

    Click on the registration tab above and the instructions will guide you through the process

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