Export SMSF Annual Return to Xero

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SMSF Annual Return export now supported

2017, 2018, & 2019 (2020 coming Soon) SMSF Annual Return can be exported to Xero Tax.


The SMSF Annual Return can now be exported from Simple Fund 360 and imported into Xero Tax.

  • The SMSF Annual Return must be validated before the Xero Export icon will display. For more information refer to The SMSF Annual Return.
  • Xero Export button will not display if the Annual Return has already been lodged in Simple Fund 360.


Please ensure that the tax return validation has succeeded before attempting to export the Annual Return.

Export from Simple Fund 360

  1. Navigate to the Tax Compliance screen.

    From the Main Toolbar navigate to the Compliance menu.

    Select Tax compliance.

  2. Select Validate.

  3. Once SBR validation is complete select Xero Export.

    The Export Button will only be available once the tax return has been successfully validated
  4. The XML file will be downloaded and stored in your Downloads folder on your computer.

Import into Xero Tax Practice

To import the SMSF annual return into Xero, refer to the following Xero help:



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  • Why cannot I not export it to xero with the audit date not completed. At the time that I want to send the return to the clients to signature, the audit has not been completed. To keep track of all our returns we want them all in Xero (including when they are out for signature) however I can't export to Xero until after the audit is complete.

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  • Hi Michele as part of the integration agreement it was a requirement that BGL passed all SBR validations before exporting. The key benefit is that if any validations are found you will be able to amend directly in Simple Fund 360 which will flow onto your reports.

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