Corporate Actions Notifications

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Corporate Actions Overview

Simple Fund 360 now removes many of the friction points associated with processing Corporate Actions. The dashboard will alert you to which ASX Corporate Actions have taken place during the year and provide the required calculations and data to action these.

Simple Fund 360 receives and stores the corporate action data received from the ASX. Clicking process will pre-fill the Corporate Action calculator screen.

Simple Corporate Actions such as Returns of Capital, Share Splits and Consolidations require no further user input and can simply click process.  Some more complex corporate actions will require you to enter additional information such as the number of units purchased in share purchase plans.

The Corporate Action calculator will currently support:



The following Corporate Action types will currently display information only and the calculator screens will be made available in a future release:

  • Attaching Options
  • Calls
  • Options – Exercise or Lapse
  • Share Buyback

Manual corporate actions can still be completed. See Corporate Actions (Manual) for more information.

The Corporate Actions screen is a Fund view screen - if a corporate action is applicable to more than one fund you will need to process this for each fund individually.


Corporate Actions Dashboard:

The dashboard is the landing page for the corporate actions screen and provides you with all the information you need to manage a fund's corporate actions.

  • A notifications system using ASX information will display announcements that need to be actioned;
  • Manual corporate actions can be processed from this screen;
  • Existing corporate actions can be viewed and deleted/reversed from the dashboard;
  • Corporate actions that have already been processed manually or are not applicable to the fund (for example share purchase plans not taken up) can be ignored and removed from the screen.

Corporate Action Required

Under the Status column, the icon Process will appear for recent ASX announcements that apply to the fund. Selecting the icon will present the edit screen, with pre-filled information allowing you to quickly process the action.


Select a link below to learn more about how to complete the available corporate action types:


Ignore Corporate Actions

Select Ignore to omit a corporate action from the screen. Examples of ignored corporate actions are optional corporate actions that are not applicable to the fund, or corporate actions that have already been processed manually outside the screen.

Ignored corporate actions can be restored by selecting the Ignored filter, and then selecting Restore.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Investments.
Select Corporate actions from the list.



Alternatively, you can access the Corporate Actions screen from the Transaction List:

Screen Filter

Filter Explanation
Action Required Select Action Required to display on screen all corporate action announcements yet to be processed for the fund.

Select Processed to display all corporate actions that have been completed for the fund.

Optional Select Optional to display corporate action announcements that are optional for the fund (such as a Return of Capital).
Ignored Select Ignored to display any corporate actions that have been omitted from the screen previously.
Total Corporate Actions Select Total Corporate Actions to display all corporate action types for the fund.

Additional Screen Features

Feature Explanation

New Corporate Action


Select New Corporate Action to process a manual corporate action. Click here for more information on manual corporate actions.

Search by Security Code / Type


Use the search function to filter the screen by security codes or types.

Action Dates


Use the Action Dates function to filter the screen by:

  • Current financial year
  • Next financial year
  • Previous financial year
  • Custom dates

Action Date

The Action Date column will display the transaction date that will be used for the action when added to the Transaction List.


Ex / Balance Date

Only parcels held at least 1 day prior to the Ex / Balance Date will be affected by the corporate action.

Note: Previously this date was referred to as the Effective Date.


Security / Account Code

This column will display the involved security (ie BHP.AX) and the account code (eg 77600/INVESTCODE).


This column will provide a description of the type of corporate action (demerger, return of capital etc.).


This column will provide a description of the type of corporate action and the security affected.

Units on Hand

This column will display the current units on hand for the investment.


This column will display the current status of the action:

  • Process
  • Ignore
  • Optional
  • Processed
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