CaseWare SMSF Audit

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Caseware SMSF Audit takes collaboration to a whole new level, enabling secure communication between stakeholders while seamlessly integrating with Simple Fund 360.

Integration Requirements

For integration between Simple Fund 360 and CaseWare, users will need to have the following details ready:

  • Simple Fund 360 username and password
  • CaseWare username and password.


  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Login to Simple Fund 360 and open a new tab. In the second tab login to CaseWare.
  3. In CaseWare, search for the accounting firm to complete the audit for under the All Entities drop down.

  4. From the dashboard, select the accounting firm to be directed to the Content page.

  5. Select the Expand icon and from the drop down, select SMSF - BGL Simple Fund 360 Import.

  6. A new tab will open (if you haven't logged into Simple Fund 360, you will be asked to here) and ask you to authorise access for funds from Simple Fund 360 to be loaded to CaseWare. Select Select Fund in the top right hand corner to manage which funds will have data sent to CaseWare.

  7. Select Authorise

  8. A new screen will open confirming which funds will have data moved across. Select Import Funds.

  9. Funds will be imported with administration details (see Fund Details) and Trial Balance information. See CaseWare for more information on using CaseWare. 
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