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Simple Fund 360 integrates seamlessly with the Evolv SMSF Audit Platform.

Maintain full control of the SMSF audit process yourself, and brand your audits using the Evolv White technology.

The Evolv White package extracts all data that is made available via the BGL 360 API from Simple Fund360 and imports it to the Audit Program securely over the web. The remaining financial statements required to complete an audit will need to be imported into the audit program via OCR.


Integration Requirements

For integration between Simple Fund 360 and Evolv White, users will need to have the following details ready:

Simple Fund 360 username and password

Evolv username and password.



Getting Started

The process begins in the Client card where you will need to select ‘BGL360’ in the ‘Accounting Software’ field under the Audit Particulars section.



In the API Authorisation section, the ‘API Authorisation Type’ field will need to be set as either ‘Admin’ or ‘Client’ for each client, depending on the type of client they are. In the ‘Acc Software Code 1:’ field, the clients’ Simple Fund 360 firm name is entered.



Admin Authorisation Type:

If your firm is also the super fund administrator and therefore you have set up the super fund trustees as the client in Workflow, the API authorisation type will be set as ‘Admin’ in the client card.



For clients with ‘Admin’ type, the API authorisation needs to be done by an Evolv White platform administrator. This can be completed by clicking the ‘Authorise BGL360 API’ link located in the ‘Portal Settings’ tab of workflow.



Clicking the link will take you to the BGL360 website, where you will need to sign in (if you are not already signed into Simple Fund360).

Click ‘Allow access’ to complete the authorisation. Please note, API authorisation can only be completed by the person in your organisation who has ‘Employee’ access for your firm on BGL360.



Once authorised, you will be redirected back to Evolv White.

Note: When you authorise, you are giving permission to Evolv White to import selected funds financial data from BGL360.

Client Authorisation Type:

If your firm is not responsible for the super fund administration and therefore the clients on workflow are Fund Administration or Accounting practices, the authorisation type will be set as ‘Client’.



For clients with ‘Client’ type, the API authorisation needs to be completed by the client. They do this in the Client Portal by clicking the ’Client Details’ icon and then clicking ‘Click here to authorise’ alongside BGL360 in the API Authorisation section. Please note your client also has the option to email the API authorisation link to another party for authorisation if required. This is done by clicking ‘Click here to send authorisation’ alongside BGL360 and completing the recipient’s name and email address


Clicking the link will take your client to the BGL360 website, where they will need to sign in. Your client will have the option to authorise all funds in their firm or a selection of funds.


Financial data upload process:

Here you will see the ‘Upload’ button in the Audit Program tab of the job card in the workflow system. Click the ‘Upload’ button to start the upload process. If the Upload button is no longer present, the upload process has already been completed.


This upload process is requesting all available API reports from the BGL360 API. Once completed successfully you can proceed with uploading the pdf financial statements.


Upload OCR reports:

In the ‘Statement Type’ field select the statement type you want to upload first, then click ‘Choose Files’, select the appropriate statement then click ‘Open’ and ‘Upload’. The report will appear in the Audit Program.


Continue down the list uploading all the required OCR financial statements. When you are finished you can launch the Audit Program and begin the audit.



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