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MyWorkpapers’ integration with Simple Fund 360 through the BGL API improves the efficiency and collaboration in auditing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

This add-on feature allows more efficient and comprehensive transfer of information and data from Simple Fund 360 to MyWorkpapers, reducing set up time and also dynamically building the audit file. Manual input is significantly reduced, improving audit efficiency and collaboration with the Administrator.

Once a connection has been established between Simple Fund 360 and MyWorkpapers, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Bulk import of your client/fund list into MyWorkpapers. Fund information, member and trustee details should then automatically populate in MyWorkpapers.
  2. Import of the trial balance - This will then dynamically populate financial folders, lead schedule and lead schedule summaries.

Follow the steps below to establish the connection between Simple Fund 360 and MyWorkpapers and import the client/fund list and trial balance for your funds.

Step 1 - Log into Simple Fund 360 Using MyWorkpapers

  1. In MyWorkpapers, ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the fund you want to begin auditing.

  2. Click on Trial Balance | Import Working Trial Balance;

  3.  Select SimpleFund 360 as your import source;
  4. Click on Establish connection to BGL Simple Fund 360:
    Then enter your Simple Fund 360 username and password.

    Note: You only need to establish a connection once for each firm

  5. If you have previously established a connection, press Select Fund to continue

Step 2 - Import a Fund

On the next menu, from the Select Fund drop-down menu, select the appropriate fund and click Import from this fund.

Step 3 - Review Your Import

You have now successfully imported your fund into MyWorkpapers. All of the folders and lead schedules for the fund have been automatically and dynamically created for you.

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