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Refer to the below instructions for JetConvert steps:




Provide the PDF to JetConvert

BGL has partnered with Jet Convert to help fill any gaps in your bank processing. Jet Convert is able to transform bank statement PDFs to CSV data within three business days.

JetConvert provides a simple set of instructions for converting PDF statements. Click here for the instructions. 

To prepare your PDF for upload


  1. Combine all the statements for one bank account in a single pdf file.
  2. You may omit pages that are just marketing. (Do not remove the front page.)
  3. You can combine multiple PDF files in a single zip file.
  4. Upload by Clicking Here
  5. Enter a promo code on the upload – the code is bgl  (lowercase)
  6. Pay for the conversion. (contact Jetconvert for pricing) 
  7. Sit back and wait for your completed job.

How do I upload a CSV from JetConvert?

JetConvert provides a CSV file which can be uploaded to the required bank account using Simple Fund 360's CSV Importer.

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