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Simple Fund 360 now integrates directly with Ord Minnett, automatically importing the following on a daily basis:

  • Investment transactions and balances
  • Bank transactions and balances



From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab..

Bank Account Requirement

Ensure that the bank account associated with your Ord Minnett portfolio has been set up in the Chart of Accounts in Simple 360 prior to setting up the feed.

Please refer to Add a Bank Account for more details on how to do this.

Setup - Simple Fund 360

  1. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select the (+) Setup button. .


  2. The Setup Wrap and Platform Feed screen will display. By default, the fund will be selected.
  3. Select Ord Minnett as the Feed Provider and input the External Account ID.

    External Account ID

    Your external account ID can be found on your Ord Minnett Year-End Reports.

    Existing bank feed active

    Any bank account that is linked to the Ord Minnett platform, but is also active as a Bank Feed in Simple Fund 360, will continue to have its bank transactions received by that feed instead of the Ord Minnett feed. There will be no duplication of data received.

    If you would instead prefer to receive the bank transactions through the Ord Minnett feed, you will need to cancel the currently active bank feed. Once this is done, the Ord Minnet feed may be set up.


    Manually entered data

    If data has been entered manually for this feed prior to its activation, input a "Do not import data before date" in the relevant field to the last date of manual data entry.

  4. Select Save. This step will need to be completed for each fund that will be using the Ord Minnett feed in Simple Fund 360.

Setup - Ord Minnett 

The authority form to set up the Ord Minnett feed is available in Simple Fund 360.

When setting up the feed, select the Download Form button to begin authorising Ord Minnett to disclose data to Simple Fund 360.


Please send the completed authority form to your Ord Minnett adviser.


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  • Where do we send the Ord Minnett Authority form once it is signed by the Client?
    I rang them (on 03 9608 4111), & the person I spoke with (an Adviser's Assistant) said they don't do data transfer....so I am at a loss...

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  • Hi Rosalie. Thank you for your comment.
    Please send any completed Ord Minnett authority form through to your Ords adviser.

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  • Is the external account ID found on the Ord Minnett statements underneath Adviser name and location and labelled as Account No.? Where do I find this ID?

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  • Hi Karina! Thank you for your query.

    It should be labelled as the account number. We recommend confirming with your Ord Minnett adviser if you are still unsure.

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