Audit Reports

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Simple Fund 360 provides users with a full range of superannuation audit documentation including:

  • Compendium Index
  • File Index
  • Compliance Checklist (Low, Medium, High, Template) 
  • Fraud Checklist (Completed, Template)
  • Audit Planning Memorandum
  • Management Letter
  • Lead Schedule and Workpapers

How to Prepare an Audit Pack 


From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.


Select Reports.




From the Reports screen, in the left hand menu, select Audit Reports



Select Add for any documents you want to include in your audit pack. Select Download Report Pack


If you would like to save the report pack, select Save Pack Changes and give the audit pack a name. 


Lead Schedule and Working Papers

Lead schedule and audit working papers are now available in Simple Fund 360. The lead schedule will display all accounts with current account balances in the Trial Balance (account code as the schedule reference), the prior year balance and change between the two figures. Working papers will be produced for each account listed on the lead schedule as accompanying pages. 

Note: Lead Schedule is contained in the Working Papers report. 

Compliance Checklist

The Compliance Checklist has been designed to allow users to check off the audit procedures of the fund.

The report is split into the following sub-sections:

  • Auditor
  • Planning
  • Investments
  • Members
  • Benefits Paid
  • Preservation
  • Contributions
  • Minimum Benefits
  • Accounts
  • ATO Return
  • Responsibilities

Predetermined checklist templates are also available in High, Medium or Low risk templates, as well as a blank version (Template) which are based on TAG Financial Services Pty Ltd Master Document. Select Options and then Settings to choose a template.  







Fraud Checklist

A pre-filled fraud checklist is available (based on TAG Financial Services Pty Ltd selections) as well as a blank template. Select Options and then Settings to choose a template.  







Management Letter

In addition to providing the Audit Report, if there are matters of governance interest that arise from the audit, you can provide these in the Management Letter. SF360 provides a generic template which you can review by selecting Download PDF. You can customise your own template by selecting Templates. See Customising the Template for an Existing Report for more information. 



Select Options to the right of: 

  • Compendium Index
  • File Index
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Fraud Checklist
  • Audit Planning Memorandum

and Settings



This section allows you to input who prepared, completed and reviewed the documents (and the date). These details will appear in the top right hand corner of the prepared documents. 



You can edit and customise audit documents to your own desired template. Refer to the Customising the Template for an Existing Report help for instructions. 

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