Members Summary Report

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The Members Summary Report provides a snapshot view of the changes in member balances for a specific period. This report lists all members, their accounts and the following transaction information for the period:

  • Opening Balance
  • Contributions
  • Transfers In/Rollins
  • Net Earnings (Member's share of profit/loss for the period)
  • Insurance Proceeds
  • Pensions Paid
  • Contributions Tax
  • Taxes Paid
  • Benefits Paid/Transfers Out
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Member Expenses
  • Closing Balances

How to Prepare

From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.

  1. From the Reports screen, in the left-hand menu, select Financial Reports and then Add the Members Summary Report. 

  2. Select Options and then Download PDF.

  3. Select OK. Select Options | Settings again and then select Download PDF. Alternatively, this report can be added to a Report Pack. 
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