Contributions Summary Report

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The Contributions Summary Report provides a summary of the following:

  • Member Details
    • Date of Birth
    • Age
    • Member Code
  • Contribution Amounts
    • Concessional Contributions
    • Non-Concessional Contributions
    • Other Contributions
    • Reserves
    • Total Contributions

There is also an option to add a signing line for the member to confirm the contribution amounts for the financial year.

How to prepare


From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.


Select Reports.




To download an individual report in PDF, Word or Excel format:

  1. On the left-hand side of the Reports screen, Drag & Drop the Contributions Summary report from the Work Paper Reports list. 

    1. Once the report has been dragged & dropped, select Options (to the right of the report).


      Options | Settings

      Show Comparatives

      Select Yes to display contribution amounts for both previous and current financial years on the report.

      Show Member Declaration Sign Line

      Select Yes to display a declaration section and a signing line for the member to confirm the contribution amounts made during the financial periods.


  2. Select either Download PDFDownload Word or Download Excel

You can also add these reports to a Report Pack. See Reports for instructions. 

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