Trustee Minute/Resolution Preparation

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When preparing the Trustee Minute/Resolution, it can be tailored to present only pre-selected paragraphs from the available list. The paragraph selection is managed through the Settings section of the Trustee Minute/Resolution. 

Note: When selecting the Trustee Minute/Resolution paragraphs, these changes will be saved at the Badges level. As a result, when the badge is applied to a Report Pack in the future, that pack will adopt the selected paragraphs under the Settings area. 

Note: From release 2.13 (16/12/2016), the Trustee Minute and Resolution documents have been combined into the one document. You can select whether the document is a Minute or Resolution via following the instructions below. If a Trustee Resolution is a part of an existing Report Pack, it will not work. You will need to remove it from the report pack and add the new Minute/Resolution. Refer to Reports for more information. 



From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.


Select Reports.




Changes to the Minute/Resolution are made at the Badges level. A change to a setting will flow through to other funds attached to the same Badge. 

How to Prepare


Before selecting the paragraphs for the Minute/Resolution, the Template will need to be reset.

From the Reports screen, to the right of the Trustee Minute/Resolution select Options >> Templates.



Select Minute or Resolution.




Select Reset Template.


Select Go Back. Proceed with the paragraph selection below.

  1. From the Reports screen, under the Letters/Minutes section, drag and drop the Trustee Minute/Resolution to the landing page.


  2. Select Options | Settings



  3. Select the Report Date, any Apologies, whether it is a Minute or Resolution, a Chairperson (if applicable) and the relevant paragraphs.


  4. Select OK. Select Options once more and then select Download PDF or Download Word.  The Minute/Resolution can also form part of a Report Pack. Refer to Reports.
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