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From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.



Fund Filter

The Wraps and Platforms screen can now be filtered to either a Global or Fund view. The Global view will show all Wrap accounts for your Simple Fund 360 firm, while the Fund view will display Wrap accounts specifically for the selected fund.

Adding BT Wrap as a Feed

  1. From the From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select (+) Setup.

  2. The Setup Wrap and Platform Feed screen will appear. Begin typing the fund name into the field and select it from the drop-down list below.

  3. Select BT Wrap as the Feed Provider.

  4. Select the relevant adviser code. If this is a Non-Adviser Account, leave this field. Select Add New Adviser to add a new adviser account. See the Adviser Management Screen tab for more information.
  5. Input the External Reference/Account ID.

    You can locate the Account ID on the top right-hand corner of the BT Select Portfolio Annual Investor Statement. The Account ID is usually the Investor Number.

    Note: If data has been entered manually for this feed prior to its activation, input a Do not import data before date in the relevant field to the last date of manual data entry. 

  6. Select the Bank Account for the fund the authority is being granted for (authority will need to be granted for each bank account).
  7. Select Print Form.

    Ensure pop-ups are not blocked on your web browser as the authority form will not open.

  8. The BT Wrap Data Feed authority form will open up. If you are an adviser read Option 1. If you are a Trustee or Non-Adviser, read Option 2.

    Option 1: Advisers

    Advisers who currently utilise BT Wrap can grant BGL access by emailing BT Wrap. Refer to the authority form for the Email address, subject and body.

    Option 2: Trustees or Non-Advisers

    Trustees or Non-Advisers need to complete the authority form and have it signed by the SMSF Trustees. A scanned copy can be sent through to or a hard copy can be mailed to the address shown on the form.

    The Manager
    Data Download Service
    BT Portfolio Services Ltd
    Level 20, 275 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000

Adviser Management Screen 

The Adviser Management Screen can store multiple adviser details including adviser F codes. Authority forms can be printed from this screen at an adviser level allowing you to grant authority for multiple funds under the same adviser account at once. See below on how to add the adviser details and prepare the authority form.

  1. From the Feed Management screen, select Advanced Options & Reports.

  2. Select Provider Settings


  3. Select Add New Adviser.

  4. Input the Adviser Display Name and Adviser Code (F Code).

  5. Select Save. The Adviser details will appear in the management screen.


  6. Select Prepare Form to produce the BT Authority Form. Advisers can grant BGL access to all funds under the adviser code the form is prepared for by emailing BT Wrap directly the adviser code. See the authority form for instructions.

Feed Activation

Once the feed has been saved, the feed will appear with the status Awaiting Transactions, with the toggle set to On. Do not switch this off.

SF360 will automatically load transactions from the date of activation. Activation can take up to four business days for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360 (from the date the authority form was approved by BT). 

What is Imported?

The following information is imported through the data feed:

  • Investment movements (purchases and disposals)
  • Investment income (dividends, distributions and franking credits)
  • Cash transactions

How will BT Transactions be coded?

All cash, income, and investment transactions will be allocated to the correct account in Simple Fund 360. For purchases of new investments not previously held by the fund, new accounts will be created and transactions will be automatically allocated.

Which BT Transactions will be matched?

Investment and Income transactions will be automatically matched to their corresponding Cash transactions by Simple Fund 360.

Investment transactions will also match with their corresponding income transactions (for example, Dividend/Distribution Reinvestment Plans).

Any Cash transaction that is not investment related (e.g. an expense) will be automatically matched once a Transaction Matching Rule has been set up.

Which BT Transactions will not be matched?

Transactions like expenses will not be automatically matched by Simple Fund 360 unless you have Transaction Matching Rules set up. You can match those transactions through the Transaction Matching screen and create Transaction Matching Rules if applicable.

If the BT Income Transaction is not on the same date as the BT Bank Transaction, these transactions will also not be automatically matched by Simple Fund 360.

You will need to match those through the Transaction Matching screen.

Distribution Receivable

If you have the income transaction in Year 1 and the bank transaction in Year 2, Simple Fund 360 will automatically post the side of the transaction going to the clearing account to Distributions Receivable - Account 61800/INVESTCODE.

  View Example >>>
BT Income Transaction 
Date 07/06/2015
Amount $100
Security/Description ANZ1212AU
BT Bank Transaction 
Date 15/07/2015
Amount $100
Security/Description ANZ1212AU
Entries posted by Simple Fund 360
2015 Financial Year (07/06/2015)
DR 61800/ANZ1212AU
CR 23800/ANZ1212AU
2016 Financial Year (15/07/2015)


CR 61800/ANZ1212AU


  1. From within the Wraps and Platforms Global tab, select the fund(s) to complete the re-request for.


  2. Select the Re-request transactions button that has appeared at the top of the screen.

  3. From the Re-Request Transactions screen, input the dates Do Not Load Before (earliest import date) and Do Not Load After (last import date). Transactions within this date range will be requested and imported from BT.


  4. Select Import.


The re-request function can be used to import transactions from the date authority was granted for the use of BT Wrap as a feed for the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the turnaround time for data to be uploaded into SF360 from the date BT Wrap receive an authority form?

Typically up to four business days for the turnaround time for data to be uploaded into SF360.

Q2. Can BT send through historical data if the client has been using BT prior to setting up the SF360 feed?

Yes. Please email to request historical data and include the SMSF and account name, and account number in the email.

Q3. Will tax data be uploaded through BT Wrap?

At this stage franked, unfranked and imputation credit amounts are feeding through BT Wrap into Simple Fund 360. Additional mid-year and year-end tax data such as tax-deferred, capital gains and other income does automatically come through and update with no additional action required on your end. For more information about this, please refer to Distributions and Tax Components.

Q4. Which White Label wraps are supported under BT Wrap?

The following white label wraps are supported under the BT Wrap feed. The authority process above can be used for the white label wraps below:

  1. Accumulus Wrap Service (BT White Label)
  2. Acuity  Portfolio Service (BT White Label)
  3. AdviceLink (BT White Label)
  4. ANZ  Private Portfolio (BT White Label)
  5. Asgard Xchange Wrap (BT White Label)
  6. AssetChoice (BT White Label)
  7. Assetlink (BT White Label)
  8. BT  Portfolio Wrap (BT White Label)
  9. C-wrap (BT White Label)
  10. Cantor Online (BT White Label)
  11. Citi Smith Barney Portfolio Plus (BT White Label)
  12. CitiChoice(BT White Label)
  13. Client Administration Service (BT White Label)
  14. Client  Portfolio  Service(BT White Label)
  15. COMET Wrap (BT White Label
  16. FPS Portfolio Manager (BT White Label)
  17. Grant Thornton Portfolio Wrap (BT White Label)
  18. Insignia (BT White Label)
  19. Investar Total Wrap Service(BT White Label)
  20. Investar Wrap Service (BT White Label)
  21. Investor Portfolio Service (BT White Label)
  22. Investor Service Wrap (BT White Label)
  23. KPFS Portfolio Service (BT White Label)
  24. M Wrap (BT White Label
  25. I-select (BT White Label)
  26. M Wrap (BT White Label)
  27. Merit Wealth (BT Wrap white label)
  28. Money Management Service (BT White Label)
  29. Mx Wrap (BT White Label)
  30. Newcastle Permanent Investment (BT White Label)
  31. OnQ Wrap (BT White Label)
  32. Personal Financial Service (BT White Label)
  33. Personal  Portfolio Online (BT White Label)
  34. Platform2 (BT White Label)
  35. Portfolio  Administrator (BT White Label)
  36. Portfolio Preference (BT White Label)
  37. Portfolio Solutions (BT White Label)
  38. Private  Client Choice(BT White Label)
  39. Private  Client Service(BT White Label)
  40. SOLAR Wrap (BT Wrap white label)
  41. TFA  Portfolio Service (BT White Label)
  42. The Family Portfolio SuperWrap (BT White Label)
  43. The Family Section SuperWrap (BT White Label)
  44. The Private Wealth Service (BT White Label)
  45. Vantage  Portfolio Solutions (BT White Label)
  46. Vitality Wrap (BT White Label)
  47. Wealth Manager (BT White Label)
  48. Wealth Wrap (BT White Label)
  49. Wealth-e-Account (BT White Label)
  50. William  Buck  Portfolio Service (BT White Label)



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