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A new automated data feed has been added for Colonial First State (CFS) FirstChoice. The data feed can be activated online using CFS FirstNet. This feed includes a historical refresh to import data prior to activation and will provide a daily data feed of cash, Investment and Income transactions.

Refer to the below for instructions on authorising and activating the flow of investment data from CFS FirstChoice into your client's fund in Simple Fund 360.

Important: Authority process

Prior to feed activation the following instructions are required to be completed. Instruction set 1 is for advisers activating feeds on behalf of your clients; Instruction set 2 is for Investors providing activation authority to their adviser. Advisers can pass on Instruction set 2 to their clients.

Note: Instruction set 2 can also be used by an investor to activate the data feed.

Instruction set 1: Adviser feed activation

For a full PDF of instructions including screenshots please click here. 

Step Explanation - FirstNet Adviser
Step 1 Login to FirstNet Adviser.
Step 2 Search for the client you are activating the SMSF data feed for in the "My Clients" tab.
Step 3 Select the account that you would like to activate the data feed for by clicking on the account number.
Step 4 On the left hand side, under "Client account", select "SMSF data feeds".
Step 5 The screen will display the default settings, select the "click here" link to update the settings: Please note, if your client has not selected adviser authority to activate the data feed on their behalf, the "click here" button will not be visible. Your client is able to do this on FirstNet Investor (see instruction set 2) or by calling Investors services on 13 13 36.
Step 6 Select the SMSF administrator you will like to activate the data feed for, read the Terms and Conditions and select "Next".
Step 7 Enter your password and select "Submit".
Step 8 A confirmation screen will be displayed.


Instruction set 2: Investor feed activation and granting authority to adviser

For a full PDF of instructions please click here.

Step Explanation - FirstNet Investor
Step 1 Login using your OIN and password.
Step 2 Select "My account".
Step 3 Under "My account", select the account that you would like to activate the data feed for by clicking on the account number.
Step 4 On the left hand side, under "Account Admin", select "SMSF data feeds".
Step 5 Select "click here" link to update the SMSF data feed settings.
Step 6 Select the SMSF administrator(s) you would like to activate a data feed for, and/or tick to give your listed adviser authority to update these data feed settings on your behalf. Read the Terms and Conditions, tick the box and select "Next".
Step 7 Select "Generate FirstNet Code" and enter the code that was sent to your mobile. If your mobile number is not registered, please follow the screen prompts, to register the mobile number. Once your mobile number is registered successfully, enter FirstNet Code and select "Submit".
Step 8 A confirmation screen will be displayed.


Once feed activation is complete add the feed in Simple Fund 360. See below.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.



Add Feed

  1. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select (+) Setup.

  2. The Setup Wrap and Platform Feed screen will appear. Begin typing the fund name into the field and select it from the drop-down list below.

  3. Select CFS FirstChoice as the Feed Provider.

  4. Input the External Reference/Account ID.

    Note: If data has been entered manually for this feed prior to its activation, input a Do not import data before date in the relevant field to the last date of manual data entry. 
  5. The Download Form option allows you to print the authority instructions. You can also obtain these from the Authority section above.

  6. Select Save.

Feed Activation

Once the feed has been saved, the feed will appear with the status Awaiting Transactions, with the toggle set to On. Do not switch this off.

SF360 will automatically load transactions from the date of activation. Activation can take up to four business days for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360 (from the date the authority form was approved).


The following information is imported through the data feed:

  • Investment movements (purchases and disposals)
  • Investment income (dividends, distributions and franking credits)

How will transactions be coded?

All cash, income, and investment transactions will be allocated to the correct account in Simple Fund 360. For purchases of new investments not previously held by the fund, new accounts will be created and transactions will be automatically allocated.


The activation of this feed will allow for historical data which can be re-requested into Simple Fund 360. Follow the below instructions to complete a request:

  1. From within the Wraps and Platforms Global tab, select the fund(s) to complete the re-request for.


  2. Select the Re-request transactions button that has appeared at the top of the screen.


  3. From the Re-Request Transactions screen, input the dates Do Not Load Before (earliest import date) and Do Not Load After (last import date). Transactions within this date range will be requested and imported.


  4. Select Import.
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