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BGL has integrated with IOOF and AET to provide Simple Fund 360 with the following data feeds:

  • AET Portfolio Management
  • AET Superannuation
  • IOOF Lifetrack
  • IOOF Pursuit
  • IOOF WealthBuilder



From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.



Fund Filter

The Wraps and Platforms screen can now be filtered to either a Global or Fund view. The Global view will show all Wrap accounts for your Simple Fund 360 firm, while the Fund view will display Wrap accounts specifically for the selected fund.

  1. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select (+) Setup.

  2. The Setup Wrap and Platform Feed screen will appear. The fund name will appear.

  3. Select AET Portfolio Management, AET SuperannuationIOOF LifetrackIOOF Pursuit or IOOF WealthBuilder as the Feed Provider.

  4. Input the External Reference/Account ID

  5. Select the Bank Account for the fund the authority is being granted for.

  6. Select Save.
  7. Authority process application

    All requests for new registrations must be submitted only via IOOF's data feed support webpage - (

  8. Datafeed Support Request (application through IOOF website)

    IOOF require the following information to complete the application:

    Field Explanation
    Name Enter the name of the person submitting the request. This will be the Contact Person’s name.
    Contact Phone Number Enter the phone number for the contact person of this request, this is very rarely used and only in case when it is urgent.
    Email Address Enter the email address to which you would like to receive correspondence on about this request you have submitted.
    Re-enter Email Address Please re-enter the email address to which you would like to receive email correspondence on about this request that you submitted.
    Adviser Group/Company Name/Dealership Name The name of the company, adviser group or a dealership name that the adviser is part of.
    Adviser Name Name of the adviser this issue is primarily relating to.
    Adviser Number A valid Adviser Number as supplied by Platform provider.
    • In case where you want to register multiple advisers you can either provide the list in a file and attach to the request or enter details of the advisers in ‘Details of Issue’ field as in screen below.
    • In case where you are registering for Datafeeds for multiple platforms, then provide adviser name,
      adviser number for their respective platform/products. Ex as shown below:
      • Adviser name: John Smith, Adviser Number: 123456, Product/Platform: AET Super, AET Portfolio Management Service.
      • Adviser name: John Smith, Adviser Number: 454678, Product/Platform: IOOF Pursuit, IOOF Lifetrack.
    Financial Planning Software/Vendor Input Simple Fund 360.
    Summary of the Issue Input a brief summary of the request.
    Details of the Issue You can input more detailed information if required to help IOOF.
    Web Username Your online service user name that you are registered with the Platform provider.
    Attachment You can attach the list of advisers here if you are registering multiple advisers.
    Mandatory Fields A field with an Asterix (*) denotes that it is a Mandatory field, and the support requested cannot be submitted until all Mandatory fields are filled in with values that are allowed.
  9. Once the support request is submitted it will generate an internal ticket for IOOF to action. Once confirmed, IOOF will generate a datafeed username and password and send them to the nominated email address. Allow up to 3-4 business days for the details to be sent.

  10. IOOF will send a further email with adviser details to be input into Simple Fund 360.

  11. These will need to be input into Simple Fund 360 in the Adviser Management screen.

The Adviser Management screen allows you to store multiple adviser details.

  1. From the Feed Management screen, select Advanced Options & Reports.

  2. Select Provider Settings.

  3. Select Add New

  4. Select IOOF as the feed provider

  5. Input the Adviser Display Name and Adviser Code.

  6. Input the Code and Password under the Data Feed Credentials section.
  7. Select Save. The Adviser details will display on the management screen.

Transaction Import

The following data is imported through the direct feed:

  • Investment movements (purchases and disposals)
  • Income transactions (dividends, distributions and bank interest)
  • Bank transactions
  • Bank and Investment balances

How will transactions be coded?

All cash and investment transactions will be allocated to the correct account in Simple Fund 360. For purchases of new investments not previously held by the fund, new accounts will be created and transactions will be automatically allocated.


Which transactions will be matched?

Investment transactions (purchases and disposals) will be automatically matched to their corresponding Cash transactions by Simple Fund 360.  Dividends and distributions will be matched to account 23900 and 23800 respectively during upload using the ASX codes. Interest income will also be automatically coded to the linked 25000 interest account.


Can historical transactions prior to the feed activation be uploaded?

Yes. Historical transactions are requested upon feed activation for Simple Fund 360. Perform a transaction re-request to obtain historical data.

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