Macquarie Equity Lever

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Bell Potter has acquired the Macquarie Equity Lever feed. This data feed will be temporarily placed in maintenance mode by Bell Potter. All data up to 30 June 2019 is available for re-request. Data after this date will not come through until Bell Potter has re-established the feed.


Macquarie Equity Lever is an investment solution for SMSFs to access increased share investments and enhanced dividends and franking credits through moderate levels of leverage. For more information on Equity Lever, refer to the Macquarie website.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.




Follow the steps below to activate the Equity Lever feed in Simple Fund 360:

  1. Setup Chart Accounts
  2. Add Feed
  3. Authority Form preparation
  4. Data Import

Setup Chart Accounts

Derivatives (Account 72300/INVESTCODE) is the investment account used under the equity lever. Account 85500/INVESTCODE (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements) will also be used as a linked liability account to record the loan amounts. By default, derivative account 72300 already has an 85500 linked account attached.

For all new investments the fund makes through the equity lever, Simple Fund 360 will automatically create the derivative account and linked loan account, and attach the instalment receipt number to both accounts allowing the feed to load data for new accounts easily into the ledger.

For funds with existing derivative accounts the instalment receipt number will need to be added manually to the investment and loan account. See the Add Feed section of this help for instructions.

Funds with existing share accounts

For funds with existing share accounts (77600) to be used under the Equity Lever feed, users will also need to input the instalment number for both the 77600 share account and subsequent linked liability account 85500 (refer to the Add Feed section). By default, account 77600 will not have a linked liability account 85500 attached. Only existing share accounts to be used under the equity lever feed will fall under 77600. All accounts created under the feed will be created under 72300.


Note: If the existing share account 77600 is attached to all funds in your firm do not use that account for the Equity Lever feed. Instead, create a second version of the share account (77600/BHP.AX1) specifically for funds using the Equity Lever feed. Refer to Investment Accounts for steps on adding the new share account.

Once the share account is added, follow the steps below to link the LRBA account 85500.


To add linked account 85500 to the share accounts used under the equity lever (using BHP shares as an example):


From the Main Toolbar, go to Accounting.

Select Chart of accounts from the list.


  1. Filter the Chart of Accounts by account 77600/BHP and select the search icon.

  2. Select BHP from the search results to edit.

  3. Select More Details >>

  4. Select the checkbox to the left of "Assets subject to Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements".

  5. View the current linked accounts. Ensure account 85500 appears as the account code for the linked liability (LRBA).

  6. Select Save.

    Do not delete any Simple Fund 360 created linked accounts.

Add Feed

  1. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select (+) Setup.

  2. The Setup Wrap and Platform Feed screen will appear. The fund name will appear.

  3. Select Macquarie Equity Lever as the Feed Provider.

  4. Input the External Reference/Account ID.

    The Account ID is a 7 digit number and is usually the Facility Number, for example, 2345678.

    Note: If data has been entered manually for this feed prior to its activation, input a Do not import data before date in the relevant field to the last date of manual data entry. 


  5. Input the Default LRBA Account for the feed (85500 or an alternate account). 

  6. For existing fund investments to be used in the feed, select the investment and loan accounts and input the installment receipt number for each.

    Investment Receipt Number

    This can also known as an IR Code  


  7. Select Save. The Status column will display "Awaiting Transactions."

Authority Form

Click here to download the authority form.

Please send the original copy of this authority, completed and signed, to: Macquarie Bank Limited, GPO Box 4294, SYDNEY NSW 1164. Note, authorities are accepted per fax 1800 673 484, or email, provided the original authority will be received within five business days.

Feed Activation

Once the feed has been saved, the feed will appear with the status Awaiting Transactions, with the toggle set to On. Do not switch this off.

Simple Fund 360 will automatically load transactions from the date of activation. Activation can take up to four business days for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360 (from the date the authority form was approved by Macquarie). 


What transactions are imported through the feed?

Transactions imported through the feed are share purchases and instalment loan amounts to account 85500.


Which Equity Lever transactions will be matched?

New investment share purchases and instalments will be automatically added to the ledger and matched (Investment and linked loan account 85500 will be added to the chart of accounts as well).


Can historical data be imported?

Historical data can be requested through the feed using the re-request function.


Historical data can be imported into Simple Fund 360 for the feed.

  1. From within the Wraps and Platforms Global tab, select the fund(s) to complete the re-request for.


  2. Select the Re-request transactions button that has appeared at the top of the screen.

  3. From the Re-Request Transactions screen, input the dates Do Not Load Before (earliest import date) and Do Not Load After (last import date). Transactions within this date range will be requested and imported from Macquarie.


  4. Select Import.
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