The SMSF Annual Return

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For the process in Lodging a Tax return to the ATO, see Electronic Lodgement 


The 2019 tax return is now available in Simple Fund 360



Before you can access the SMSF Annual Return screen, you need to create entries to the end of the financial year.

The Create Entries process will pre-fill the SMSF Annual Return based on the information that you have entered into Simple Fund 360.

Navigation to the SMSF Annual Return 

From the Main Toolbar navigate to the Compliance menu.


Select Tax compliance.


View Sections of the SMSF Annual Return

The current financial year will be selected by default.


Once the financial year has been set, to review sections in the SMSF Annual Return navigate by using the left-hand side menu.


Fund Information & Declarations 

The following fields will need to be completed manually when preparing the SMSF Annual Return.

Section A: Fund Information

Question 6: SMSF Auditor

  • Date Audit was completed;
  • Was Part B of the audit report qualified?
  • If the audit report was qualified, have the reported compliance issues been rectified?

Question 7: Electronic service address alias

From FY 2019 onwards, users can select an electronic service address (ESA) from the drop-down list. If the fund registers SuperStream through Simple Fund 360, the ESA will be pre-filled as AUSPOSTSMSF. (Registration can be done directly through Simple Fund 360 free of charge. )


Please note the following:
  • The ATO will collect the ESA through SMSF Annual Return and the ESA is validated based on this list if the tax return is lodged electronically

Section K: Declarations

Input the following dates in Section K

  • Trustee to sign the Annual Return which can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Trustee's or Director's Signature Date.
  • Tax agent's Signature Date.

Save and Print the SMSF Annual Return

Icon Explanation
b7f5b9aac7486195394209a7a8d260eb694851deaa4146b967e9c736c35d6afa.png Confirm any new information and changes made in the SMSF Annual Return
9da9b78c77a10a0ac70f8b7c9400a160fcdf35e915ab68e1915734f408289f03.png Print or produce a PDF version of the SMSF Annual Return

The Annual Return can also be produced through the Reports screen.

Form Status (Workflow Status)

Select Form Status to update the workflow status of the fund's annual return.


You can change the workflow status and confirm who last edited the annual return under the Last Modified By column.

A return can manually be marked as lodged by clicking Mark as Lodged. This will change the status of the return to Lodged.

Workflow Statuses available: 

  • Processed
  • Validated
  • Lodged
  • Incomplete
  • Lodged (Manually) 
  • Saved/Edited
  • Printed
  • Sent to Client
  • Assessment sent to Client
  • Reviewed by Partner
  • Assessment Paid 
  • Assessment Received
  • Sent to Partner

Page numbering of the Annual Return

The page numbers on the SMSF Annual return cannot be modified. BGL approval to reproduce ATO stationary does not permit us to modify the page numbers.

Electronic Lodgement Declaration

Through Simple Fund 360, generate the Lodgement Declaration which is required when the Annual Return is being lodged electronically.

The Declaration can be Printed from the Tax Compliance screen by clicking on the Validate button drop-down. 


Alternatively,  print the Lodgement Declaration navigate:

From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.


Select Letters/Minutes.

From the Letters/minutes section drag and drop the Lodgement Declaration to reports for printing.

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