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Select Transaction FilterScreen_Shot_2019-05-29_at_2.52.09_pm.png to complete an advanced search for a specific transaction.

Narrow your search by inputting the following conditions:

  • Bank account
  • Data Source (Bank Data, Contract Notes, BT Wrap, MYOB BankLink, Xero, Manual)
  • Reference (Ref)
  • Account
  • Description
  • Units
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Created by
  • Last Modified by

Multiple conditions can be selected, click Add another condition to set up another condition.

Future Period Transactions (Filter Example)

In this example, a user has accidentally posted a future dated transaction and will use the Transaction Filter to locate it and change the date. The transaction is a pension payment meant to be recorded on 15/7/2015. However, the user has posted it to the date of 15/7/2016.

Two conditions will be used to filter the transaction, Transaction Date and Account Code

From the Transaction List, select the Transaction Filter icon.


The filter sub-screen will appear. Select the drop-down list under Field and select the Transaction Date filter. 

Match Option: Select range to search a calendar period; Select equals to input a specific date.

Value: Input the date or date range. 


Select Screen_Shot_2019-05-29_at_2.53.57_pm.png 

Under the Field section, select Account

Match Option: Select contains to input part of an account code; Select equals to input the exact account code.

Value: Select the account code.



Select Search to apply the filters. Simple Fund 360 will filter the Transaction List by the search results. The user can now click to edit the transaction and change the transaction to the correct date. 

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