Healthscope Notes Conversion 2014

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BGL do not provide accounting or taxation advice. The following is designed to act as a guide for Simple Fund 360 users. It is not designed to be accounting or tax advice and should not be taken as a strict guideline. Other methods that are more suitable may be used instead of these steps.


On 31/07/2014, Healthscope Limited (HSO) issued an offer to holders of subordinated listed notes that were issued by Healthscope Notes Limited on 17 December 2010 or 27 March 2013.

The offer allows eligible noteholders to exchange their notes for a number of HSO shares at 2.5% discount of the issue price of $2.10 per share paid by retail investors at the Initial Public Offer on 31 July 2014.

Refer to the following documents for more details:


The fund held 500 Healthscope notes as at 31 July 2014 and took the offer to convert the Healthscope notes to shares.

Original purchase date 17 December 2010
Number of Healthscope notes held 500 notes
Purchase cost $50 000
Number of HSO shares received under the offer 24420 shares


The notes were originally created under Account 72450/HLNG.AX.

  1. Go to Accounting | Transaction List and dispose of all the Healthscope notes at cost.

  2. From the Select an account box, input the account code for Healthscope notes and enter the total number of units currently held and the cost.

  3. Click on the next Select an account box and select Add New Account | Investment.

  4. Add a new account for the Healthscope shares.

  5. Input the number of shares received and the cost.

  6. For the shares to have the same purchase date as the notes, you will need to select More and change the Contract Date to when the Healthscope notes were originally purchased.

  7. Select Post.
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