Customising the Template for an Existing Report

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Simple Fund 360 allows you to edit and customise existing reports through the report templates.

By default, the reports will use the settings you have attached to the Default Badge. You can create additional Badges and customise the reports templates for those badges.

For instructions on how to create a badge, refer to the Badges help.


The following is a list of reports that you can customise using the templates:

Financial Reports
  • Front Cover
  • Notes to the Financial Statements
Investment Reports
  • Investment Strategy
  • Trustees Declaration
  • Trustee Minute
  • Trustee Resolution
  • Compilation Report
  • Lodgement Declaration
  • Audit Report
  • Pension Commencement Letter
  • Pension Commencement Minutes
  • Pension Continuation Letter
  • Pension Continuation Minutes
  • PAYG Payment Summary - Pension
  • Centrelink/DVA Schedule
  • Trustee Notification Letter
  • Employer Notification Letter
  • Deductions Notice Letter
  • New Bank Feed Letter
  • Contract Notes Letter
  • 1.6 Million Pension Balance Letter
  • 1.6 Million Pension Balance Minute
  • Covid-19 Early Release Lump Sum Minute
Work Paper Reports
  • Fund Summary Report
Audit Reports
  • Compendium Index
  • File Index
  • Engagement Letter
  • Management Letter
  • Trustee Representation Letter
  • Compliance Checklist (Template)
  • Compliance Checklist (High)
  • Compliance Checklist (Medium)
  • Compliance Checklist (Low)
  • Fraud Checklist (Template)
  • Fraud Checklist (Completed)
  • Audit Planning Memorandum

For a download list of mail merge fields used in Simple Fund 360, click here

If you wish to create your own report/letter, refer to Custom Reports.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.



How do I download and edit the Report Template?

  1. From the list of reports, select Add next to the report you wish to customise.
  2. Ensure you select a Badge other than the default badge.


    The changes made will only apply to the funds attached to the selected badge.

  3. Select Options and from the drop-down list, select Templates.

  4. The Report Template screen will come up.

  5. Under Get Your Template, select Download Doc.

  6. A copy of the report will be downloaded in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

  7. Make the necessary changes in Microsoft Word (e.g. Change the Font and Colour of the text) and save the document.

    If you wish to change the logo, it is recommended that you change it through the Badge Settings.

  8. Go back to the Reports screen in SF360 and select Options | Templates next to that document.

  9. Under Upload Your Template, select Browse and select the document you changed.

  10. After selecting the document to upload, select the badges you wish to associate the previously just uploaded template with.

    You can either select all badges by clicking the Select All checkbox or select individual badges by ticking each badge's respective checkbox.

  11. Select Upload Doc. Once the template has been successfully uploaded, the following message will display:

  12. Select OK and then Go Back.

  13. If you now download the report, it will contain the changes you have made.

    These changes will only apply if you select that specific badge.

How do I restore/reset a report template?


This process will undo all the changes you have made to the template.

  1. From the list of reports, select Add next to the report for which to restore the template.

  2. Select the badge for which the report was customised.

  3. Select Options and from the drop-down list, select Templates.

  4. The Report Template screen will come up.


  5. If you wish to download a copy of the template before resetting the template, select Download Doc.
    Once the document has been downloaded, you can then select Reset Template.

  6. Click Go Back to return the Reports screen.



What happens when BGL updates a default report template?

When BGL updates or replaces a default report template a custom template created by a user will be unaffected.

This means:

  • your custom template is not overwritten when an update is applied; 

  • when there is a wording or legislation change your template is not automatically update 


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