Investment Income Report

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The Investment Income report shows the amount of income received from each investment during the year including tax credits, non taxable and tax deferred amounts.

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For reconciliation assistance. 

How to Prepare

From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select the report under Quick Access Reports.

Simple Fund 360 will open a new download tab and the report will generate dated 30 June of the respective financial year. 

Alternatively, if you wish to change the report dates and settings,

From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.

To download an individual report in PDF, Word or Excel format:

  1. On the left hand side of the Reports screen, Drag & Drop the Investment Income report from the Investment Reports list. 

  2. Once the report has been dragged & dropped, select Options (to the right of the report).

  3. Select either Download PDFDownload Word or Download Excel

You can also add this report to a Report Pack. See Reports for instructions. 

Assessable Income (Excl. Capital Gains)

This amount is the Sum of Franked, Unfranked, Interest/Other, Franking Credits, Foreign Income, TFN Credits, Foreign Credits and less Other Deductions

Why Exclude Capital Gains?

Excluding the distributed capital gains from the taxable income assists you in reconciling this report to Section B: Label M (Gross Trust Distributions) of  The SMSF Annual Return.

Breakdown of the Investment Income report

Total Income

The total income column reflects the amount Credited (or Debited) to the income account.

Franking Credits, Foreign Credits, TFN Credits

The credit amounts are populated from the amounts entered into the field in the more details panel of the income transaction(s).

Non-Assessable Payments

These amounts are populated from the amounts entered into the Tax-exempt, Tax-Free and Tax-deferred fields in the more details panel of the income transaction(s).

Distributed Capital Gains

The Distributed capital gains figure is populated based on what is entered into the more details panel from distribution transactions.

It will be made up of:

Discount capital gain (before discount) x 50% or 2/3


Capital Gain Tax (CGT) Concession Amount


Capital gain - Indexation Method


Capital Gain - Other Method


Foreign Discounted Capital Gains (Before Discount)  x 50% or 2/3


Foreign Capital Gains - Indexation Method


Foreign Capital Gains - Other Method

Discounted Capital Gain (Before Discount)

The Discount capital gain amount is multiplied by 50% or 2/3 depending on the discount option selected when the capital gains amount was entered.

See How to Enter a Distribution & Tax Statement for more information.

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