CGT Relief Schedule

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The CGT Relief Schedule provides a report on the actions undertaken by the fund in regards to the Cost Base reset. 

The report is only able to be produced if a fund has reset a cost base of an investment in the Cost base Reset (accessible in the Corporate Actions function) screen. 

The report will detail:

  • Investments (categorised by type)
  • Units on hand
  • CGT Cost
  • Market Value
  • Capital Gain/(Loss)
  • Discounted Gain
  • Indexed Gain
  • Defer Gain (will display yes if the option to defer has been selected in the Cost Base Reset screen)
  • Total Deferred Gain


From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.

How to Prepare

To download an individual report in PDF, Word or Excel format:

  1. On the left hand side of the Reports screen, Drag & Drop the CGT Relief Schedule from the Investment Reports list. 

  2. Once the report has been dragged & dropped, select Options (to the right of the report).

  3. Select either Download PDFDownload Word or Download Excel

You can also add this report to a Report Pack. See Reports for instructions. 

Prepare when recording Cost Base Reset

This report can also be prepared when completing the Cost Base Reset transactions in the Corporate Actions screen. 


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