Bank Feed Report

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The Bank Feed Report summarises the bank feed status for all bank accounts across all funds on your Simple Fund 360 subscription.

You can use this report to get valuable insights into the operational efficiency of your BGL Bank Data feeds, including:

  • supported feeds that have yet to be enabled in Simple Fund 360
  • when the feed first started receiving data
  • identifying which funds would benefit most from the BGL Bank Data service




From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect.
Select Feed Management(beta) from the list.


Select Advanced Options & Reports.


Select Bank Feed Report from the drop-down list


The report will be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Querying the Report

The report may be queried in many ways using filters and sorting in any spreadsheet software.

For this example, Microsoft Excel will be used to determine which bank accounts are supported for the BGL Bank Data service but are not enabled for the fund. This could allow you to identify any gaps in automating your workflow.

  1. Open the bankAccountList.csv file in Microsoft Excel

  2. Select any heading in the spreadsheet

  3. On the Excel Ribbon, click the Home tab

  4. In the Editing group, click Sort & Filter

  5. Select the Filter option
  6. Click the arrow next to the Feed Status heading and apply the No Feed Setup filter:
  7. Click the arrow next to the Supported for BGL Bank Feeds heading and apply the Yes - BGL Bank Data filter:
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