Manually Revaluing Security Prices

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Support Query

  • Can I manually edit security prices in Simple Fund 360? 
  • I want to manually update the market value at 30 June for investments such as residential and commercial property. How do I do this ? 


To manually revalue a security, follow these steps:

All security types can be edited in Simple Fund 360.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Investments.

Select Investment security list from the list.


From the Securities Screen, search for the security by code or name:

The screen will default to Fund View; displaying only securities for investments recorded within the fund. Select Global View if you would like to show all securities for your firm.

To view the securities for unlisted investments and properties, select UUT/Other.

Once you have located the security, under the Actions column, select Edit

Under the Prices tab, select Add Price. Record the price at the specified date and Save

If Simple Fund 360 is not using the custom price to revalue the security, you will need to check the Revaluation Order under Settings | Badge. Refer to How to customise Managed Fund / Unit Trust and Share Prices for more information.


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