Trustee Query

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Trustee Query is a simple way for accountants and trustees to engage and retrieve transaction information in Simple Fund 360. Communicate directly with your clients’ via email, text message or sending a custom link; even if trustee's have not been invited to your Simple Fund 360 firm. Trustee Query will store your clients' responses, including any supporting documents they provide.


From the Transaction List select the Question Mark against any transaction(s) that require the accountant to send a query to the trustee. Note that you can add multiple transactions to a Trustee Query. They will collate and be grouped into a single query when they're sent to the Trustee.



Important: At this time you can only add bank entries to trustee query.

Once a query has been flagged, to compose a notification to the trustee navigate from the main toolbar to Accounting → Trustee Query. 




The Trustee Query module will be segmented into four categories: With Accountant, With Trustee, Responded and Closed.



With AccountantWith TrusteeRespondedClosed

To compose a query select Send Message.

Simple Fund 360 will collate and group all outstanding queries (With Accountant) into a single query to the trustee.

Send a query to your Trustee(s) via an Email, Text or Link.  

Method Detail

Accountant - Select the accountant to create the query template to notify the trustee (preview available to the right of the screen in Simple Fund 360). The Accountant will be selectable from the list based on the link created from the Relationships screen. To create a new record select the + icon.

Trustees - Select the trustee(s) you wish to contact, a valid email will need to be entered against the Trustee record entered in the Contacts screen. Simple Fund 360 will allow you to manually type in an email address for a once-off notification.

Firm Name - Update the firm name (if required) which will be used to create the query template to notify the trustee.

Subject - A default subject line will be created and can be updated on-screen or via the email template. 

Body - The email template can be customised on-screen or permanently changed by editing the template from Settings »Email Template Trustee Query Email

Send Email - Send an email directly from Simple Fund 360. All emails sent directly from Simple Fund 360 will be sent from the following address

Text Select this option to send an SMS to your Trustee(s). The Trustee(s) which are selectable will be based on the fund set up and what has been entered in the Fund Relationships screen. A mobile number is required to be entered in the Contacts screen to send a text query. Only mobile numbers from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and UK are currently accepted. For international numbers, please ensure you include the country code.
Link No invitation email is required simply create your own custom email by including the link, allowing the Trustee(s) to access the Query module.

Trustee View

When a trustee(s) signs into the Query Module (mobile-friendly) from the email or text message sent. The trustee(s) will be able to select a transaction from the Unknown filter to provide further information to the accountant.

No username or password is required to access the Query Module as access will be granted based on the link provided in the SMS or email.


Three options will be available for the trustee(s) to provide information on the event to the Accountant:

Options Detail
1. What Category does the transaction belong to?

The Trustee can select a fixed category (cannot be edited) that the transaction belongs too.

The following categories are available for selection:

    • Transfer between Bank Accounts
    • Money Spent - I bought shares or a managed fund
    • Money Spent - I Purchased an Investment
    • Money Spent - Term Deposit
    • Money Spent - I bought a property
    • Money Spent - Pension/Spending
    • Money out - Property Expense
    • Money out - Investment Fees
    • Money out - Insurance
    • Money out - Transfer to another External Fund
    • Other
2. What is the purpose of this transaction? Any additional notes or information can be entered in this field.
3. Do you have any related documents that might need uploading? To upload any supporting documentation select Upload Files.


Once you select Submit the next unknown transaction will display.



User Roles, History & Query Status

By default, everyone in your practice can use Trustee Query. Users can see and work with all queries across all funds that they have access too. However, you have complete control to disable and manage this function from the user role settings. For more detail on customising user roles refer to the SF 360 help on Invite User, User Roles and Reset Password option

Previous Messages that are composed from Simple Fund 360 are tracked by selecting History. Simple Fund 360 will store the recipients, sender, date and method of contact.

From the Trustee Query Screen users have the flexibility to update the status of a transaction by simply editing the transaction from any of the four filters and manually selecting a status. Users will also be able to use the status arrows to go backward and forward.



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