Analytical Insights

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Analytical Insights takes Simple Fund 360 to the next level by providing you with the ability to search among all the entities globally as well as in a particular entity, and query your Simple Fund 360 database real-time.

The Analytical Insights feature provides you with pre-set filters and labels to make it easier and faster to search. Information is readily available on an entity, account, and transaction level, meeting all your needs.

Getting real-time information within a few keyboard strokes will result in hours of productivity saved producing reports and finding the right information in a timely manner.

Screen Access

Select Analytical Insights at the top of the screen.



Account View Entity Transaction


This tab only displays when an entity has been selected. 

Under the Account View Tab, users can view transactions recorded under a specific account for an entity during a period.

Transaction Date

Use the Transaction Date to filter through the transactions for a particular period. It will default to the current financial period.


To view transactions, use the search bar to search for an Account Code or Account Name. Alternatively, click on the account line.


Account Types

Different account types are marked in different colors. 


To reveal a sub account, click on the control Account. To further view the particular transactions under a sub account, click on that sub account. The transaction date, description, and amount will be listed, including other relevant details.


Select the link under the Description column and the system will lead users to the Transaction List screen to view that particular transaction, where users can update the transaction if needed.



Export as CSV

To export the transactions recorded under a sub account into a spreadsheet, select Download Excel.


Upcoming Developments

This is the first phase of this project with more search and query capabilities to come. The following information will be available in the near future for you to search real-time through Analytical Insights:

  • Corporate Actions


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