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BGL has integrated with CommSec Adviser Services where CommSec provides BGL with a daily data feed. There is no charge for this service. Authority needs to be granted to BGL to utilise this service in Simple Fund 360.

What is Historical Data available?

CommSec Adviser will import both historical balances (which will be used in the Balance Review Screen) and also the complete transaction history.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Connect. d28607b83d3d97b544df2c251a914ff96157bad957b015c798de711e3d7f63f6.png
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.




  1. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select (+) Setup.


  2. In the Wrap Feed Setup screen the entity name will appear..


  3. Select CommSec Adviser Services as the Feed Provider.

  4. Input the External Reference/Account ID.

    The External Account ID will be the Trading Account Number issued by CommSec.


    Note: If data has been entered manually for this feed prior to its activation, input a Do not import data before date in the relevant field to the last date of manual data entry. 

  5. For your CommSec adviser feeds, if you are using a CBA settlement account for your CommSec trading account, select the CBA Settlement Account for the fund the authority is being granted for. Authority will need to be granted for each bank account.

    If you are not using a CBA settlement account for your CommSec trading account, leave this field blank. You will need to add the non-CBA settlement account to the BGL Bank Data Feed service to receive transaction information automatically. Please refer to Setting up the BGL Bank Data service for more details.

    Authority must be granted before the CommSec feed can commence. Please email Commsec Adviser Service at listing the clients you wish to add to the Commsec data feed.


  6. Select Save. This step will need to be completed for each fund that will be using the CommSec feed in Simple Fund 360.

    If you receive the message "bank account already has a bank feed operating" the bank account selected in step 5 is already being used under another bank feed such as Xero, Macquarie or the BGL Bank Data Service. You will need to edit this bank account through the Bank Feed Management Screen and change the Feed Provider to None.

Feed Activation & Import

Once the feed has been saved, the feed will appear with the status Awaiting Transactions, with the toggle set to On. Do not switch this off.

Simple Fund 360 will automatically load transactions from the date of activation. Activation can take up to five to ten business days for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360.

The following information is imported through the data feed:

  • Investment movements (purchases and disposals)
  • Income transactions (bank interest only)
  • Bank transactions

How will transactions be coded?

Note: Cash transactions (bank and interest income) will be uploaded if the settlement account is a CBA account. If the settlement account is not with CBA, manual data entry or a feed such as the BGL Bank Data Service can be used to import. 

All cash and investment transactions will be allocated to the correct account in Simple Fund 360. For purchases of new investments not previously held by the fund, new accounts will be created and transactions will be automatically allocated.


Which transactions will be matched?

Investment transactions (purchases and disposals) will be automatically matched to their corresponding Cash transactions by Simple Fund 360Interest income will also be automatically coded to the linked 25000 interest account. Dividend data will be matched based on ASX data.


  1. From within the Wraps and Platforms Global tab, select the fund(s) to complete the re-request for.


  2. Select the Re-request transactions button that has appeared at the top of the screen.

  3. From the Re-Request Transactions screen, input the dates Do Not Load Before (earliest import date) and Do Not Load After (last import date). Transactions within this date range will be requested and imported from CommSec.


  4. Select Import.


The re-request function can be used to import transactions from the date authority was granted for the use of CommSec as a feed for the fund.


  1. What is the turnaround time for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360?

    Three business days for the turnaround time for data to be uploaded into Simple Fund 360.

  2. Can historical data be imported if the client has been using this feed prior to activation in Simple Fund 360? 

    The Re-Request function can be used to import transactions from the date authority was granted for the use of CommSec as a feed for the fund. See the Re-Request tab.
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