Fast Spreadsheet Data Entry (Cash Code)

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Quickly create and import multiple cash items for a bank account using the Data Entry screen. These transactions can then be easily reconciled via Smart Matching.

Foreign Currency Conversion

Input amounts in the foreign currency and Simple Fund 360 will populate the end of day rate and convert amounts to AUD when uploaded. Bank accounts can also be set up with a default currency. Click here for more.

Screen Shortcuts

Enter Key Move down a row
Shift + Enter

Move up a row

Tab Key Move forward to the next cell
Shift + Tab Move backward to the previous cell
Ctrl + C Copy field
Ctrl + V Paste a copied field
Swap Dr/CR Swap Dr/Cr columns


1. Open Spreadsheet and copy (CTRL-C) all the bank statement transactions.

Note: Ensure the spreadsheet columns are formated appropriately, See Fast Data Entry - Spreadsheet Format for more information.

2. Navigate to Smart Matching.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Accounting. image2018-10-2_11_5_43.png
Select Smart Matching. image2018-10-2_11_12_52.png



3. Select the Bank Account from the Smart Matching screen.


4. Select Data Entry.


5. Paste (CTRL-V) directly into the first cell from the Data Entry - Spreadsheet.


As entries are recorded to the Data Input page, the entry summary field will update below:


Valid Entry Number of entries that have been recorded correctly
Invalid Entry Number of entries that have been recorded incorrectly (missing fields)
Opening Balance Bank balance prior to coding transactions
Total Spent Sum amount of DR entries
Total Received Sum amount of CR entries
Closing Balance Sum of CR-DR entries + Opening Balance


Clear Invalid Entry

Quickly remove all invalid entries currently entered in the fast data entry screen by clicking on Clear Invalid Entry.



6. Select Create to add the entries to the Smart Matching screen.

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