Australian Money Market (AMM)

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Australian Money Market Pty Ltd (AMM) is an online Term Deposit platform which allows you to compare and choose Term Deposit interest rates from more than 20 Australian financial institutions. AMM streamlines the administration of investing in term deposits online, saving you time and money. You can see all your term deposits in one place and optimise returns on every rollover.

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Authority ProcessSetupFeed Activation Re-Request

The adviser will be required to email Australian Money Market to request feed activation prior to using the feed in Simple Fund 360.

Email Address -

Subject: BGL Data Feed

Hello Australian Money Market

Can you please provide a data feed to BGL for all accounts attached to the below adviser.

Adviser Name - Enter your Advisor Name
Adviser Code  - Enter your Adviser Code



The Australian Money Market feed will support all Term Deposit and Cash Accounts that sit on the AMM platform. The external settlement account will need to be set up using a BGL supported data feed.


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