Fact Finder 2019 Report

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Note: Fund must be in 2019 financial year to prepare this report.


The Fact Finder 2019 report has been added to assist you in reviewing fund data and super changes. This includes using actual member and ledger data and will provide information into the reform changes to help you better prepare for 2019. This report includes the following components:


Report Component Explanation Opportunity/Planning
Fund Details

This section will display:

  • Postal Address
  • SMSF Establishment Date
  • Trust Deed Source
  • Deed Last Modified

From Fund Details.


This section will display:

  • Active fund members
  • Age and date of birth
  • Number of member accounts per member
  • Number of pension accounts per member
  • Death Benefit Nomination

From The Member List.

Accumulation Member Information

This section will display:

  • Concessional contributions (employer, personal, other and reserve)
  • Catch up Concessional Contributions
  • Div 293 Tax paid (from account 48100)
  • Total member balance information (total accumulation, pension amounts)
  • Member balances greater than $1.6 million (Y/N)
  • Non-concessional contribution amounts
  • Total Super Balance (TSB)
  • Non-concessional bring forward rule triggered (Y/N)

For each member.

This section will provide information into the following reform changes:

  • Concessional cap for 2019 financial year;
  • Unused Concessional Contributions Cap carried forward amounts (For members with a total balance of < $500,00 only)
  • Changes to Div 293
  • Concessional contribution catch up
  • Transfer Balance Cap
  • Transitional bring forward rule changes for non-concessional contributions.
  • What the TSB for a member is used for
Pension Member Information

This section will display:

  • Value of existing ABP income streams
  • Value of existing MLP income streams
  • Value of TRIS (Retirement Phase) income streams
  • Total pension payments for the year

For each member.

This section will provide information into the following reform changes:

  • Transfer Balance Cap
  • TRIS exemption status
CGT Relief

This section will display:

  • Deferred Gains from Prior Year
  • Deferred Gains utilised in 2019
  • Deferred Gains Carried Forward




From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports.

Select Reports.



  1. On the left-hand side of the Reports screen, Drag & Drop the Fact Finder - 2019 from the Work Paper Reports list. 


  2. Once the report has been dragged & dropped, select Options (to the right of the report).

  3. Select either Download PDFDownload Word or Download Excel to download the report in the format required.

You can also add this report to a Report Pack. See Reports for instructions. 


Fact Finder Advisor Extract

The Fact Finder Advisor Extract report is the Fact Finder Report with the option to input notes and disclaimers in the settings tab.


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