Distribution Tax Automation

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Distribution Tax Automation simplifies the end of the year processing when entering your annual tax statements for listed trusts or managed funds. Simple Fund 360 reduces the hours spent manually entering tax components and automates the generation of distribution tax components which improves your ability to reconcile quickly and effectively.

Simple Fund 360 will pre-fill the per-unit value on the more commonly known listed trusts and managed funds. This is known as System Tax Data.

For any securities currently not supported, you will be able to enter Custom Tax Data that will help you create a template that can be used to automate tax data across your entire database. Please also see the Help us Improve section below for any securities you come across that are not currently automated.

Please note: We highly recommend you to double check against your statement after using Distribution Tax Automation screen to prefill the components.

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From the Main Toolbar, go to Home.
Navigate to Fund Workflow
Select a fund mceclip3.png
from the Main Menu select Compliance mceclip0.png
Select Distribution Tax Automation mceclip0.png




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  • Is there a way to print this entire article as a single PDF? I can only print each tab one at a time at the moment.

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  • Hey Johnny, unfortunately the export is limited to what is displayed within the browser.
    An alternative would be to copy-paste into a word document.

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