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This help article is designed to help you import investments into Simple Fund 360 via a daily data feed from Crestone Wealth Management. 

Setup/Authority Process Important Information Importing Data Distribution/Tax FAQ

1. Navigate to the Wraps and Platforms Global tab by hovering the mouse over Connect and selecting Feed ManagementFrom the Feed Management screen, select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab. 

From the Main Toolbar, hover the cursor over Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.



 2. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select the (+) Setup button. . 

Click on the (+) Setup button 10.png


3. Enter the Feed details. 

  • Fund: Your current fund will be selected by default.
  • Feed Provider: Select ‘Crestone Wealth Management’
  • External Account ID: Input the fund’s Crestone Portfolio Number
  • Bank Account: Select your primary Crestone cash account
  • Do not import data before date: Input the last date of any data that was manually entered prior to feed activation.



4. Download the pre-filled Authority Form 

Click on the Download Form button 65.png
Authority Form

Please send the completed authority form to Crestone (

Multiple Portfolios

Submitting a signed form with one portfolio code will activate that portfolio plus any other portfolio linked with that SMSF/client.

You still need to setup the other portfolios as separate feeds in SF360, but only one signed form with one portfolio number is required.

5. Advanced settings 

Bank Account Settings: For any Bank Account, please enter in the relevant Bank Code into the Security Code field. This will allow the feed to identify and post transactions to the correct existing account. 

Cash Account Codes

Non-margin lending AUD cash accounts use the bank code MACC.CMA.AUD

Margin lending AUD cash accounts use the code MACC.CA.AUD.

For foreign cash accounts, replace the AUD with the foreign currency e.g. MACC.CMA.USD.

Portfolio Settings: Enter the Crestone Portfolio Number into the Portfolio Code field next to any bank or investment account that is associated with this feed.

Potential Duplicate Accounts

If you do not set this up, the feed will automatically create new accounts and you might end up with duplicate accounts.

6. Select Save to finalise the Feed Setup. 

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen  66.png



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