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The Fund Pension Policies screen allows you to request an Actuarial Certificate directly from connectingthedots and enter the non-deductible expense proportions for a fund.




Important Prerequisites to use the Actuarial Wizard

  1. Enter all transactions for the financial year.
  2. Member(s) have been converted to pension mode.
  3. Fund relationships for the Trustee and Tax Agent have been entered.
  4. Fund Details have been entered (ABN, TFN etc).
  5. Create entries is not required to be processed to the end of the year.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Member.

Select Fund pension policies from the list.


Requesting an Actuarial Certificate from connectingthedots

  1. Select + New Actuarial Certificate.

  2. The fund's current financial year will pre-fill. Select Request Actuarial Certificate to open the Actuary Wizard.


  3. Select connectingthedots as the provider and click Next

  4. Complete and Review your contact details. 
    This section will pre-fill based on your current SF360 license details. However, they are editable if required. Also input any additional comments on your application, including any sections of the information that you may be uncertain of. This information will be transmitted to connectingthedots along with the application. Click Next to proceed. 
  5. Confirm Segregation Eligibility (This will only display for 2018 and later Financial years. 

    From 01 July 2017, the ATO has determined that for any portion of an income year where an SMSF's assets are held solely to meet super income stream liability benefits (i.e. any period that the SMSF is in 100% pension phase) the SMSF trustee is required to calculate its ECPI for that portion of the income year using the segregated method. This applies for even part of an income year, which will result in the year being part segregated and part unsegregated.

    Furthermore, from 1 July 2017, a fund cannot have any assets classified as segregated at any time during a particular financial year if at the previous 30 June:

    • any member had a total superannuation balance of more than $1.6 million (and remember, total superannuation balance includes not just the balance in the SMSF but all superannuation in every fund to which the member belongs), and
    • any of those members with more than $1.6 million also had a retirement-phase pension from any fund (not necessarily this SMSF).

     If a fund cannot be classified as segregated, it simply means it cannot claim its tax exemption on a segregated basis. The fund is still eligible for an exemption, but under the Unsegregated method.

    The member's TSB as at 30 June of the previous Financial Year will display. You will need to confirm to connectingthedots whether or not the fund is eligible to use the segregated method or not. If no is selected the fund will automatically use the Unsegregated method for the entire Financial Year.  

  6. Click Submit to Actuary.  

    This will send the required data from BGL to the connectingthedots automatically 

  7. Select Click here to complete your application and connectingthedots's website will open in a new tab for you to complete your application.



    connectingthedots will not review any of the information sent until you confirm the application on their website.

connectingthedots Website

  1. Review the Data

    All the relevant fund details will pre-fill into connectingthedots's online application form. If there are any issues with the application, error messages will appear. 

    Carefully review the data and then select Request Certificate to proceed to the Review Screen. The Fund’s details will be displayed for review as follows:


    This will be followed by your details for payment.

  2. Select Payment Option

    Select your payment option below, complete the necessary details and click Submit.



    Clicking Submit confirms that the account balances are correct and will take you to the Summary screen.

  3. Summary Screen 

    On the Summary screen the Tax Exempt Percentage will be shown as follows:


    The Tax-Exempt Percentage will also be posted to BGL automatically.

Receiving the Actuarial Certificate and Certificate Status 

After processing your payment, you will receive the actuarial certificate via email (sent to the nominated email address).


 The Certificate Status will automatically update to "Estimate" or "Confirmed" when requesting a certificate from connectingthedots.


Amending an Actuarial Certificate

How do I prepare amended actuarial certificates for connectingthedots?

If you need to prepare an amended certificate: 

  1. Make any necessary changes to the fund information (transactions);
  2. Re-request an actuarial certificate completing the steps above;
  3. SF360 will prepare an amended actuarial certificate for the fund to be sent to the specified email address. You will not receive an additional invoice from connectingthedots and SF360 will recognise the certificate as an amendment. 
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