Matching Rules Screen

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Simple Fund 360's Matching Rules Screen is your Central screen to viewing, creating and managing your funds' transaction matching rules.

Transaction Matching Rules determine the logic your Simple Fund  360 uses in order to automatically code transactions that feed into your funds through either bank feeds, CSV and other file uploads and uploads from any wraps and platforms.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Accounting.

Select matching rules from the list.


Create Rules

To create a new rule, click Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_12.37.02_pm.png

The Create New Rule screen will display.

1. Target Entities

Select the entity this rule will apply to.

Tick mceclip0.pngto use this rule for all entities.

By default, the current entity will be selected. 

2. Apply Import rule to Bank Accounts

Select the Bank Account(s) this rule will apply to.

Tick Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_12.47.23_pm.pngto use this rule for all Bank Accounts.

3. Add Conditions to rule

Additional conditions can be added that will be used in determining which rule a given transaction will match. These additional conditions include:

  • Description
  • Amount
  • Date

Click Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_12.48.14_pm.pngto add multiple conditions.

4. Allocate Entries

Select the account to allocate the transaction to when this matching rule applies.

A matched transaction can be split between multiple chart accounts when creating a rule. This is especially useful for transactions which include amounts that should be included in multiple chart accounts e.g. pension payments, joint accounting and audit fees, etc.

The transactions can be split by either a percentage or a fixed amount.

5. Enter a name for the rule

Enter a name for the rule. This name will display in the Matching Rules screen.


Ticking the Review before apply tick box will NOT automatically match transactions with this rule when the rule applies. Instead the transaction will display in the Recognised tab in the Smart Matching screen.


Click Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_12.50.04_pm.png to create the rule

Global view and Fund view

Global View will display all matching rules created in SF360 across all funds.  Fund View displays the unique matching rules created for a specific fund.

To switch between the Global view and Fund view, select the desired view:

Delete Rule

To delete a matching rule, tick Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_4.15.54_pm.png the rule from your list of matching rules.

Click Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_4.16.06_pm.png

Note: Deleting a rule will not unmatch the transactions the rule has already applied to. To unmatch transactions, see How to Unmatch Transactions.

Turn rules on or off at a click of a button

Users can easily deactivate or activate a matching rule by toggling either Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_4.18.31_pm.pngor Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_4.18.39_pm.pngbeside each rule.

Note: Turning a rule back Screen_Shot_2019-12-13_at_4.18.31_pm.png will apply the matching rule to any outstanding transactions in your smart matching screen.


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