BGL SmartDocs (Beta)

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BGL SmartDocs will remain FREE to ALL users of Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 until the end of April 2021.


SmartDocs by BGL will save you countless hours and increase the speed of processing by importing bank data into Simple Fund 360 by simply scanning and uploading bank statements. Supported by optical character recognition technology, this application of document scanning brings the following benefits:

1. It greatly simplifies the process of bank transaction importing.

2. It allows historical transactions to be uploaded, thereby providing more flexibility.

3. It offers an easy option for those who have not set up a bank data feed.

Instructions Features Development Supported Banks

Step 1

From the Main Menu select Accounting and navigate to Smart Matching.

Step 2

Select your Bank Account and click mceclip0.png

Drag and drop your Bank Statements directly on Drop or Browse Files


Step 3

Once uploaded, select Confirm to proceed or click on the minus icon on the top right corner to remove.


Step 4

Simple Fund 360 will read the Bank Statement that was uploaded and will automatically prepopulate the Fast Data Spreadsheet (Result Ready). 




Step 5. 

To Import the Bank Data into Simple Fund 360 Select mceclip8.png   


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