Bell Potter Equity Lever Feed

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This help article is designed to help you import investments into Simple Fund 360 via a daily data feed from Bell Potter Equity Lever Feed. The Macquarie Equity Lever data post cessation date of 30/06/2019 will also be migrated into the feed.

Setup/Authority Process Important Information Importing Data FAQ


1. Navigate to the Wraps and Platforms Global tab by hovering the mouse over Connect and selecting Feed ManagementFrom the Feed Management screen, select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab. 

From the Main Toolbar, hover the cursor over Connect.
Select Feed Management from the list.


Select the Wraps and Platforms Global tab.



 2. From the Wrap and Platform Global tab, select the (+) Setup button. 

Click on the (+) Setup button 10.png


3. Enter the Feed details. 

  • Fund: Your current fund will be selected by default.
  • Feed Provider: Select ‘Bell Potter Equity Lever Feed’
  • External Account ID: Input the fund’s Bell Potter Client ID
    -Migrated Macquarie Equity Lever Client IDs start with '2' and have 7 digits
    -All other Client IDs have 5 digits
  • Default LRBA Control Account: Select your preferred LRBA Control account
  • Do not import data before date: Input the last date of any data that was manually entered prior to feed activation.



4. Email the Authority

  • Please email Bell Potter Capital, listing the Client IDs you wish to add to the BGL SF360 feed.
  • It should take 1-2 business days for the feed to be activated by Bell Potter Equity.

5. Advanced settings 

  • Please ensure all instalment receipt numbers are entered next to the relevant investment account and LRBA account prior to starting the feed.
    This is to ensure transactions are allocated to the correct accounts.
  • For brand new funds/feeds, where manual transaction data has not been entered previously, this section can be left blank, as the feed will automatically generate the instalment receipt numbers and investment/LRBA accounts.
  • Any existing instalment receipt numbers from the Macquarie Equity Lever feed will be automatically transferred to the Bell Potter Equity Lever feed.

6. Select Save to finalise the Feed Setup. 

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen  12.png


Note it is mandatory that users set up Provider Settings for the feed to operate following steps below

Select Advanced Options & Reports from the Feed Management screen 69.png
Select Provider Settings from the drop-down menu 70.png
Select Add New in the provider settings screen 71.png
From the drop-down, select Bell Potter Equity Lever for Feed Provider and Adviser Display Name will automatically populate.  mceclip5.png
Please enter Bell Potter Adviser Code. The feed will only work with correct adviser code entered. mceclip6.png



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